…because I didn’t back up anything and sometimes servers break. This also means that the old comic links don’t work anymore. The only thing to do in times like this is to go back and re-read all of Imogen Quest, just to make sure everything got re-uploaded properly. You should go do this now. For good measure, you should share Imogen Quest with your friends, too, so they can verify with their own eyes that Imogen Quest weathered the storm OK.


If you’ve done all that and still don’t feel like you’ve helped Imogen Quest enough, here are other ways to support my webcomic:


1. Write an extended novel about the lives of grain mill workers in the early 1900s and dedicate it to Imogen Quest.

2. Print out http://www.imogenquest.net on tiny slips of paper and leave them in the holes of trees.

3. Order twenty pizzas under the name ‘Imogen Quest‘, and then pay for them so that my webcomic isn’t associated with jerks.

4. Repeatedly whisper the name ‘Imogen Quest‘ into the ears of sleeping cats.

5. Purchase a botnet, and then go to the authorities with information about how you came to acquire it. Fully cooperate with them in an effort to reduce cybercrime. While the agents are out of the room getting you a certificate for “Most Helpful”, make Imogen Quest the homepage on their computers.

6. Organize a holiday party at work and include an Imogen Quest in each reminder email. Send 76 reminder emails.

7. Invite everyone you know to like Imogen Quest’s Facebook page, then send out a message saying you were hacked. Add that you’re grateful to the hacker for having opened your heart and mind to Imogen Quest. Insist that you’ve written the hacker a handwritten thank you note.

8. Same as #3, but with Thai food.

9. Leave Imogen Quest conspicuously open on your personal computer at all times. Wait for somebody to notice and ask about it. Feel uncommonly drawn to them when you realize that you share a great sense of humor. Get their number but feel confused and hurt when they never respond to your texts—- were they already seeing somebody? Is it something else? Spend sleepless nights wondering if you came off badly, and ultimately delete the number after a late night heart-to-heart with your roommate. Vote for my comic on the thewebcomiclist.com immediately afterward.